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Buffalo Summer Release “Hit The Ground Running”!

Buffalo Summer has a new album coming out on March 27th titled “Desolation Blue”. You can pre-order it here. Hit The Ground Running is the band’s latest single and it’s a damn good one to set the tone of the new album. The song is catchy and has very cool riffs. But the highlight of the song is Gareth Hunt’s drumming thorough the track. It makes this single stand out. That’s not to discount Jonny Williams guitar playing, as it is well done and really helps round out the song. Overall this is a rocking tune. This will go over well with a live audience. As you listen you feel like fist pumping in the air along with the beat. Nothing bad to say here. It’s worthy of your time. The video is an animated one. You can check it out below.

#BuffaloSummer #DesolationBlue #HitTheGroundRunning

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