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Canadian Rockers Aviator Shades Release New Single!

Aviator Shades hail from Canada. I think they are worthy of continuing the legacy of rockers likes Rush and April Wine. As I have said in the past, the band is everything you would in a rock band. The group is currently touring Canada. I’m hoping they do some dates stateside. You can follow and learn more about them here. Their new single Freedom Lies Bleeding from their just-released album “This Is What We Do”  makes an impact on you right away. You can feel their passion and it’s expressed in lyrics like these “How You Trade Your Life For The Living, With No Thanks For Your Time, Do You Pray To The God You Were Given And Fall Back Into Line” is pretty deep and powerful. I’m sure when you dive into their catalog, you will find yourself wondering why you didn’t get on the band wagon earlier.  Check out the new single below!

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