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Cassidy Paris Releases New Cover Of Saraya’s “Love Has Taken Its Toll”!

Cassidy Paris has a new EP coming out later this year titled “Influence Me”. You can’t pre-order yet. But I suggest you watch her website for more details here. Her new single is Love Has Taken Its Toll. The song is a cover of the late eighties band Saraya hit.

I have to give Paris some credit here as the song is over 30 years old and the band is really a one hit wonder. That aside, all I can say is wow. This a purely vocal performance that makes it her own. She has such a great voice and it shows throughout this song. The music plays as a great backing sound that highlights that this girl can sing. I’ve listened to this several times and have to say it’s a great listen. I think you will be hooked as I was. The video shows her singing the song and the energy she brings to it. The combination shows just how talented she is. Check it out below.

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