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Check Out Boston’s Own Fire In The Field’s “Tomahawk”!

Boston rockers Fire In The Field came to my attention this week and I wonder how I didn’t know about them already, being local to me and  them now having released their third album “War Bonnet”. The latest single Tomahawk is from that record. The song has a nice heavy riff will immerse you into the song right away. It hooks you and pulls you in and then as it takes you for the ride it changes up and slows down and then brings you back. Love the way they did it here. The song has a punk vibe and rawness that I like. Another highlight to me is the lyrics and especially the following lines;

“yeah there’s right there’s wrong the truth still waits in line”

For some reason I find those words to be well thought out and deep. It makes you think about things. The band is a trio and are Mike Moore, guitar/vocals, Jeff Badolato, bass and Brad Conant on drums. You can learn more about the band at their site here. The Tomahawk video is very cool in the way that Moore is in the color over a black and white background. The way they used color and black and white is pretty bad ass in my opinion. I would recommend that you get this band on your radar. You can check it out below.

#FireInTheField #Tomahawk #WarBonnet

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