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Check Out Canadian Rockers Luscious and Their latest Single "Diamond Ring"!

Luscious hail from Ontario, Canada. If you haven't heard of them, be grateful that I'm here to put them on your radar. Their latest single is Diamond Ring. This is a kick ass tune. Cole LeBlanc's bass playing hooks you and then Brielle LeBlanc's come in and get's your attention, then the rest band comes in. Then it's over, you are hooked. Wyatt McMullin's drumming really drives the song and when the music stops and he just hits tehsymbol. I find that brilliant. What fills out the song is the keyboards by Doug O'Handley. He gives the music a deeper sound. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that guitarist Kurt Paquette's playing. His riffs and solo gives it some what of a retro vibe, yet a modern tone. All packaged together, you get a straight ahead rocker that leaves you wanting more. Soaking of which if you want to know more and I think you do. Check out their website here and follow them on their social media platforms via their site. Check out the single below.

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