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Check Out Dirty Honey! Their New Single “When I’m Gone” Is A Rocker!

Dirty Honey has released a new single from their current self titled debut album. When I’m Gone is new yet familiar. It definitely has a classic rock vibe. You certainly can here various influences in it. You can choose who you think they were influenced by. Get to know these guys:

Marc LaBelle: Lead Vocals John Notto: Guitars Justin Smolian: Bass Corey Coverstone: Drums

I have to say the bands take on their influences is refreshing and energetic. I have played this one and other songs of theirs over and over again. They shouldn’t be unknown for too long. This is the kind of material that get’s you noticed They have take a different approach for the video doing it vertically and in black and white. . Check it out below and et me know what you think.

#DirtyHoney #WhenImGone

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