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Check Out Hush Money And Their New Single “Still Around”!

Hush Money has released their third single from their debut album “Industry Standard”. You can get a copy here. I recently came across this band and they made me fan instantly. I won’t deny I am addicted to their sound. You can do yourself a favor a check out what else they have to off on their web site here.

Their new single Still Around, has a southern rock tinge to it. It has some cool guitar licks and a catchy chorus. The song will bring a smile to your face. If you are like me you’ll pay it a few times. It seriously grows on you. Hush Money is another reason to prove rock isn’t dead. The video shows the band performing in what I think is a religious setting. You get to see the individual personalities and the energy they bring to their music. I’m sure they are great to see live. In any event, check out their latest single and video below.

#HushMoney #IndustryStandard #StillAround

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