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Check Out Ian Keller’s Solo Project Orphan Prodigy’s New Single “Get Away”!

Ian Keller lead singer of Metorana has a new side project called Orphan Prodigy. Rest assured Metorana has broken up, they are just on a hiatus. Keller decided to take advantage of the lockdown during the pandemic and do this. He went back to his roots for this. The single is Get Away. The album will come out later next year. But this is taste of what is to come.

The song is upbeat and catchy. If you looking to compare it to something I would it has an early Oasis vibe to it. Overall the song is refreshing and easy to listen too. The song expresses feelings of a social awkwardness or anxiety of living in a lockdown/quarantine situation and looking for an escape. I think it reflects well with most of our thinking or desire to do so. It’s a good tune with a very relatable topic. The video shows Keller playing everything n the song. I think it’s making the point of being alone during a pandemic. Check it out below.

#GetAway #IanKeller #OrphanProdigy

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