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Check Out Italian Rockers Bodoni And Their New Single “Lipstick”!

Bodoni has released a new single from their recently released album “DomestiK Violence”. You can get a copy here. You can keep up with the band on their website here. If Alice In Chains and Nirvana had a child it would be Bodoni. Their new single is Lipstick. They are definitely are influenced the Grunge era of music. It’s refreshing to hear this old school sound with a fresh take. The song just displays that dark emotion especially when you hear lines like;

“Weary, your scars are my war trophies”

Now that’s an impactful line and deep. It gives you a perspective that you don’t often see. The more you play the track the more you like it, it really grows on you. The video lives up to the title but the real cool factor is you get to see the band perform it. Check it out below.

#Bodoni #DomestikViolence #Lipstick

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