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Check Out Lullwater’s “Empty Chamber”. It’s Pure Southern Fried Grunge Rock

Lullwater has a new single out from their recently released album “Voodoo”. The band hale from Athens, GA. I don’t know how I didn’t hear about this band before, since this is their third album. That being said you can learn more about the band at their website here. Empty Chambers is riff driven rocker. Daniel Binnie captures your attention right away with his licks, but when Joseph Wilson drums and Roy ‘Ray’ Beatty’s bass kick in it just takes the song to another level. John Strickland’s vocals are what gives this song the real power. If David Grohl and Chris Cornell’s voices had a baby it would be Strickland’s. I love the upbeat tempo with the emotional lyrics of pain. I think the contrast of those two things is what makes this track special. I am truly impressed with these guys. I wish I knew about them sooner as they recently played near me and would have loved to have seen them. The video shows the band playing the song and as always I prefer these types of videos over any other kind. Check it out below.

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