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Check Out Matt Zajac And His Unique Single “Daisy Chain”!

Matt Zajac has a single out from his “Garden Of Hedon”. You can purchase a copy here. Daisy Chain is his first single from the record. The song is kind of a throwback or should I say pays homage to the psychedelic era for rock music. You may hear similarities to The Beatles, but it never hurts to show your influences in your music. I think the tempo of the song and the driving rhythm really pulls you in and takes you for a ride. Make sure you pay attention on how intertwines his guitar solo within the rest of the song.

Zajac has a unique style that as you hear it that you feel like you have been a fan awhile. It’s a kind of familiarity I think many musicians they could pull off and Zajac does it in his own style. This one will grow on you. Check it out here.

#DaisyChain #GardenOfHedon #MattZajac

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