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Check Out Mick Michaels Exciting New Side Project Starlight And Their New Single “Chasing Memo

Mick Michaels (Corners Of Sanctuary) has a new side project/band called Starlight. The band consists of another familiar person the drummer of Corners Of Sanctuary’s Mad T. To complete the new trio we have singer Taryn Dorothy, she is relatively new to the scene. Before I continue, I want make it clear that Corners Of Sanctuary are still together and aren’t going anywhere. That aside, if you’re expecting metal here, then you will be disappointed. Michaels tells me he was looking for something different to try, something contrasting what he is know for. I believe he has succeeded. The band has their own website which you can check out here. Their debut EP “Under The Radar” comes out on February 12th, through Exquisite Noise Records.

Their lead single is Chasing Memories. Musically it’s much more modern and lighter tone. I actually am impressed with Michael’s guitar work on this. It’s very melodic and still gives us a smooth guitar solo. Mad T, really does some nice drumming and helps keep the music in check. Let us not forget singer Dorothy, her voice suits the music and really comes through and doesn’t gives the song it’s heart. I also love the way jams out to end it, nice outro. Check it out below.

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