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Check Out Natalie Joly & the Reckless Hearts And Their Single “You Oughta Know”!

I came across Natalie Joly & the Reckless Hearts the other day and was pleasantly surprised. More than that, I was caught off guard on how good this song is. I didn’t see anything about an album and the song You Oughta Know came out in March. I’m obviously a but late ti the party, but not anymore. I’m sure you will feel the same way. You can keep up with her and the band on their Facebook page here. or the website here. The band is Boston based and I’m sure they will be making their mark soon everywhere. Get to know the band;

Natalie Joy– Singer, Guitars Cory Paza– Guitars BJ Knights– Bass Kyle McGrail– Drums

Back to the song, the riff sets the tone and the guitar lick makes you realize this song is special. When you hear Joy’s voice she gets your attention and you just become enthralled as she sings. The rhythm section of Knights and McGrail really round out the sound and very complimentary to Joy’s voice. The chorus is not only catchy. it takes the sing to another level. Paza shows off his guitar skills and the band gives him the spotlight as they should. The one thing you’ll pick up on is the band can jam. I’m actually very surprised this isn’t taken radio by storm. Really, it’s that good and people should hear it.  The video is shot in warehouse but shows them all performing the song and right away you get a taste of what they might be like live. Joy doesn’t seem reserved, far from it. She demands your attention and the rest of the band is enthusiastic and full of energy while playing. This band has sex appeal on top of it al.I can’t wait to see what’s next. Check them out below.

#NatalieJolyamptheRecklessHearts #YouOughtaKnow

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