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Check Out Newly Formed Band Addressing The Dead’s New Single “Down Down Baby”

Addressing The Dead is a new band that consists of Andrew Santagata (Vocals), Spydah (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Backing Vocals) and Sriracha (Lead Guitar). When they tour they will be bring in separate lusucuans to help round out the band live. You can follow them on their Facebook page here. Santagata and Spydah have been teaming as of late with stand alone singles and now they have formed this band. They will be debuting their new EP “To Whom This May Concern” soon.

We get a preview of what expect with their lead single Down Down Baby. The song is more of a heavier sounding than things from Santagata more recent outings. It’s actually a nice surprise. I love his vocals kind of have an evil tone that takes the song into a darker realm. Spydah does a rap in the middle of it as well. The video shows the band as well as a story line like an old horror movie. I find the debut interesting to say the least, musically these talents really delivered a hard pounding metal song. Hopefully the EP is as good as this. Check out the new single below.

#AddressingTheDead #ToWhomThisMayConcern

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