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Check Out Renegade Cartel And Their First Single “Fire”!

Renegade Cartel is a band from Boston, MA. I came across them at a show. Not in the way you would think. I’ll keep this brief, but I believe you should now a little of the back story. The singer Stephen Damon-Tilley was in the same audience as I and my friends were. The show was Myles Kennedy. As you know he was doing an acoustic tour. Oddly enough, Stephen Damon-Tilley was sitting behind me at the City Winery Boston. Throughout Myles Kennedy’s set. he was singing word for word every song that Kennedy sang. He isn’t belting them out or anything as the venue wouldn’t allow it, but enough that I could hear it and knew he was more than a fan and was in a band. At the end of the show I complimented him on his vocals and discovered that he was in a band and here we are.

Renegade Cartel has a six song self titled EP out now. The band currently is:

Vocal/Guitar – Stephen Damon-Tilley Guitars – Vic Robles Drums – Rob Laflamme

You currently can follow them on their Facebook page here. or their website here.

Their first single is called Fire. The song is a rocker as they say. Fire has good bones, lyrics, riffs, and chorus that you can sing with. But I think you will notice rather quickly that Vic Robles is a guitar virtuoso. He is the master of his instrument. I have to say I was quite impressed when I heard the song, which led me to the EP. You can get their music on all the usual streaming services to check them out. Better yet, you can also purchase it. One listen and I think you will be a fan like me. Check out the lyric video for Fire below.

#Fire #RenegadeCartel

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