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Check Out SoulVane! Rhode Island’s Newest Rockers With Their Debut Single “No Control&#

SoulVane is a brand new band out of Rhode Island. Currently the band features, singer and bassist Santagata and guitarist Robb Harrington. The band used studio drummer Louis Cypher for their single No Control. The band will be announcing a new drummer soon. You can follow the band on their Facebook page here. You may have heard of the phrase “Get in on the ground floor” well this is just that opportunity. No word on when their debut record will come out but they have treated us with this single. By hearing this you get a real sense which direction the band is going. The song has a nice riff and energy to it. But I ask you to listen to the Harrington’s guitar solo, it has a nice tone and though he shreds it he is very melodic at the same time. You can crank this one up!Check it out below.

#NoControl #SoulVane

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