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Check Out Sun King Rising And Their Latest Single "No. 6 Magnolia Avenue"!

Sun King Rising came to my attention recently. It's the brainchild (Project) of musician John Blangero. The music is described as Southern Rock and Soul, and I would add maybe mixed with a Huey Lewis & The News style. Before I digress, his current album is Suns & Wonders. You can get a copy of that here. The latest single from this record is No. 6 Magnolia Avenue. I'm not sure I can really label this music but I can say it pulled me in. I wanted to hear where it was going and I liked the story telling. I'll admit now that once I was done listening to this song I felt the time was well spent. The video is like a mini film that puts the lyrics into perspective or should I say helps you visualize what's being told. I think you'll enjoy this. Check it out below.

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