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Check Out The Hitman Blues Band’s Latest Single “Not My Circus, Not My Monkey”!

The Hitman Blues Band has released the title track from their latest album “Not My Circus, Not My Monkey”. You can get a copy here. Two things out of the gate, I love the band name and the album title. To me they are brilliant. The band name is based on Russell “Hitman” Alexander. According to his bio he earned his stripes y being a sideman playing everything from Hasidic music, Salsa, Greek, orchestral swing, country, jazz, rock. Alexander states “I got a nick name as the Hitman because I knew all the hits”. It has been said Alexander could play anything professionally, but for fun, he played the Blues. You can learn more about him and the band here.

The song has a great full sound and what really stands out is the brass section featuring more than one sax. I really like the way brass punctuates the vocals. It won’t take you long to start enjoying this, you get into the groove of it all. Alexander does a melodic guitar solo matched by the brass section. The sing has a great up tempo style a nd funky vibe to it. Lyrically it has some humor when you see things like this;

“I like to think that I’m a caring man And we’re all part of a bigger plan But sometimes when it’s said and done You got to grab your things and run”

Even though some lyrics are comical, they tell a story and move it along. Overall the song is well done and catchy. This one will grow on you. The video really brings the words life. Check it out below.

#NotMyCircus #NotMyMonkey #TheHitmanBluesBand

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