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Chez Kane Releases New Single “I Just Want You”!

Chez Kane has a new album coming out on October 21st titled “Powerzone”. You can pre-order it here. The new single from the upcoming record is I Just Want You. If you love 1980’s rock, well this song is for you. This drip’s so much eighties, it’s almost like a time machine in how it brings you back. Seriously, in my mind, I can see that era of Heart doing this number. All that aside, Kane does an excellent job singing. You get to hear her true range. She is not alone in this track as she gets one help from Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx). His guitar work on this is a nice touch and keeps within the eighties sound.

The video also plays up to the eighties as well. Kane does a Flashdance type of thing. Rexon has all the hair metal guitar hero styles when the cutaways happen. All very classic. You also get the relationship piece in the midst of them performing the single. I’m sure once you hear and see this, you will feel the same way. This is a reminder of what the era of decadence was like. You can check it all out below.

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