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Chickenfoot – III



     Track List                                                          Band Members

 1- Last Temptation                                      Sammy Hagar      Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

 2- Alright Alright                                          Chad Smith           Drums

 3- Different Devil                                         Joe Satriani           Lead Guitar

 4- Up Next                                                   Michael Anthony  Bass/Backing Vocals

 5- Lighten Up

 6- Come Closer                                             Produced By:   Mike Fraser and Chickenfoot

 7- Three And A Half Letters

 8- Big Foot                                                                  Official Site

 9- Dubai Blues                                     

10- Something Going Wrong

11- No Change (Hidden Track)                     Label    E One Music Group

   I have long awaited for this record. The first one was fantastic. I highly anticipated that would be the case for their second release (Yes, I know it says 3, but they had issues with calling it two). Needless to say I was slightly disappointed. I was getting very excited about the hype, “Heavier than the first one” etc. I have to disagree, this one is more commercial and political than their first release. The first release was more fun, I think, and this one is more serious, as stated they talk politics. I am not a huge fan of music and politics mixing but if its done well, I can live with it. The first thing I noticed when I listened to this was how they made the bass stand out. I’m not sure if Sammy is going on some kind of big brother thing for Michael, where he constantly seems to defend him in the press and now on this record he stands out more so than the others. Just a guess on my part. Anyway, the album does show how diverse the band’s playing can be. You have the classic Chickenfoot sound and some Blues and Funky style playing on this one. Satriani seemed to not shine as much on this one, maybe still getting used to the band situation. Sammy still writes with emotion and some fun lyrics, but the overall tone is much more mature. Of course you can’t not mention Michael Anthony’s harmonies, which are always outstanding. Stand out tracks: Last Temptation, Alright Alright, Up Next (My fave), and Big Foot (strongest track on the record). From the softer ballad side, Something Gone Wrong is as good as anything on their first record. The rest to me just doesn’t fit what I think the super group/band should sound like. It’s good record, but not as heavy as thought or better than the first one, but still worthy of owning. It has grown on me over time. Chad Smith as always is the rock in this band, his drumming always seems to be a highlight on the record for me. Three And Half Letters (actual letters written to Sammy) and the hidden track, offer up some political commentary. I am not a fan, the music is ok, maybe be I’m old school here (can I say that with a one album history?), it’s not what I expect from Chickenfoot, they are more my hard rock cruising kind of jamming band. Not one to make me think politically. I understand they are older men writing great rock music, but I think they could have stepped away from that arena. Enough on that.

  My high hopes and enthusiasm may have caused my slight disappointment in this record, expecting a continuation of their first effort. But at the same time they are showing the band is versatile. It’s a good buy and has some very solid tracks on it. They leaned a little softer on this one and that wasn’t a real highlight for me either. Joe Satriani seemed tamed down a little as well. But he still plays some great solos and melodies. In closing, I deem this something you want to add into your collection and cruise down the road in the summer with the windows open. At this point I am looking forward to their tour and hopefully we actually see a third album from these guys. I don’t want to forget that the record is in 3D packaging with a Chickenfoot 3D glasses. Have fun with this and enjoy it for what its worth.

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