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Chris Daughtry Teams Up With Lzzy Hale To Do Journey's "Separate Ways (World's Apart)"!

Chris Daughtry has partnered with Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) to record a cover of Journey’s single Separate Ways (World’s Apart) from their 1983 album “Frontiers”. In case you are wondering the song was released 40 years ago this month. It’s not often I like the remake better than the original, but this one of those rare cases. This version is much heavier and more of what I like. Daughtry displays more of his rock chops than he has recently. Now bring in Hale and all her angst and you have a kick ass number. No word if there will be an album with this on it, but I will say I would like to hear more collaborations from the two of them. This is one fine song and worthy of your time to listen to. Check it out below.

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