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Chris Mardini Releases New Single “Pockets”. The New Face Of Rock!

Chris Mardini has released a new single for a yet to be named album. You can get a copy of his self titled debut album here. You can also learn more about him here. Mardini’s new single blends a lot of genres to make this song and somehow it all works. I’m not quite sure what you would label it, but I think if alternative rock and hip hop had a baby, this would be it.

Let me say that it pulled me in and i had to journey through it to the end and I was pleasantly surprised. I think it was the drumming mixed with the rapping that pulled me in. Mardini is young and maybe he is going change what rock looks like for the future. We will see what he brings on next. The video has Mardini performing as person who is torn. I think you get to see the energy and the emotion he brings to his music. Check it out below.

#ChrisMardini #Pockets

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