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Christmasforce Releases A Rocking Cover Of “We Are Santa’s Elves”!

Christmasforce will be releasing their new album “Rudolph’s Symphonic Metal Christmas”. It’s due out on December 17th. If you haven’t heard of them, then you should be glad you follow Seth’s Rock Report. The band has a Facebook page that you can follow them at here. In case you are wondering what they are about, I will have you read what they say about themselves below;

“Christmasforce is the world’s newest Christmas Rock/Metal band with 1 goal; Spreading Christmas Cheer in a Rock/Metal format.”

The band is headed up by Brian Murphy (One Time Mountain). You could say this is a passion of his and his friends. You also get the angelic voice of Kate Eppers and the rocking vocals of Max Roxton (7 Mazes)to name a few of the musicians joining him.

The lead single is a cover of Burl Ives “We Are Santa’s Elves”. You will remember, the song from Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeerr film. Now that version is 1:37 long, Christmasforce’s cover is at 3:06. They definitely lived up to their making these songs rock. This is at a much faster tempo, and some kick ass drumming. I really enjoy their chorus and the tone of the way they sing they song. You get a lot of positive energy from this version and it’s fun. I’m already waiting for the next release, can’t wait for the album. The video is done well, aside from the lyrics you get a real life Santa doing what he does best, being magical. you can check it all out below.

#Christmasforce #WeAreSantasElves

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