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Classless Act Releases An Acoustic Version Of Their Single “All That We Are”!

Classless Act has released an acoustic version of their single All That We Are from their current debut album “Welcome To The Show”. You can get a copy here. The original is much harder obviously and a glam lovers dream. But this acoustic version, well, it takes the song in a whole different place. In fact it has a whole different groove to the track. It still keeps its glam roots, but it lets the song have a different life. I find it a refreshing take on the track. The video is also redone and again not anything like the original. You get the band performing it and you kind of get to see their personalities through it. It was a good decision I think to go in this direction with their music. It gives them a wider appeal that they can transcend a electric rocking tune to an acoustic one and maintain that energy. Check it out below.

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