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Clay Howard Releases New Single “Send Me An Angel”!

Clay Howard has released a new single from his current album “Who The Hell Is Clay Howard?” Send Me An Angel is his latest single. I have to say I was pulled in right away with this one. I’m not sure how to describe this one, it sounds familiar yet new. I like the back up singing and the harmonies. I like the way he delivers the lyrics in the song. He tells a story we can all relate to, hence the title of the song. Who doesn’t need an angel? This single should be on radio and getting air play. Actually, it should be on your playlist. It’s catchy and well worth your time to listen. The video shows Howard playing the song and also sitting at a diner, among some other scenes. In any case, when you watch him you can feel what he’s going through and that helps make the song. Check it all out below.

#ClayHoward #SendMeAnAngel #WhoTheHellIsClayHoward

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