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Clutch Release “Evil” By Willie Dixon. The Boys Give It Some Metal Flavor!

Clutch is starting what they are calling “The Weathermaker Vault Series” in which they will be releasing songs throughout the rest of the year under that banner. The first is Evil. A cover of the Willie Dixon tune. His version is more piano and Clutch’s more guitar and drums. Now if singer Neil Fallon sang like Robert Plant then they would be getting the same grief Greta Van Fleet gets for sounding well, like Led Zeppelin. That aside, since Fallon doesn’t it gives this song a different flair. The standout to me is Jean-Paul Gaster on drums, just a WOW performance. Seriously he is pulling out all the stops for this one. But don’t think that guitarist Tim Sult doesn’t pull off an epic guitar solo or that Dan Maines doesn’t make an impression because they do. If you like heavy riffs and and great drums then you will enjoy this one. The video has the lyrics play over black an white footage of scenes that are evil per se. You can check it out below.

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