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Clutch Releases “Ghoul Wrangler” And It’s Good For Business!

Clutch has released a new single from their current “Book Of A Bad Decisions” album. Ghoul Wrangler comes out just before the band starts their new North American tour. The song has the band taking on some terrible lawyers. It’s kind of a fun story line. Frontman Neil Fallon tells the tale of the Ghoul Wrangler as if it’s a real business similar to Ghostbusters. The riff that Tim Sult plays is up tempo and catchy, but the hero of the song is Jean-Paul Gaster’s drumming, he drives this one. The fast beats and change of pace that he does shows how he commands the song. Neil Fallon out does himself n the video.  It could be a TV show. Actually the series of the videos from this album all could be. It shows what great story tellers the band are. I won’t be the spoiler, but you need to watch the video and follow along with the lyrics. It’s entertaining. Check it out below.

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