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Clutch Serves Up “Hot Bottom Feeder”!

Clutch has released their third single from their forthcoming album due out on September 7th called “Book Of Bad Decisions”. The latest song is Hot Bottom Feeder. Who knew you could make a song the cool about cooking crab cakes. Hence the song title, not what one was expecting is it? First off the song is killer. Its heavy and just knocks your socks off. Second, it’s a lyric video and it gives the recipe and a visual how to make crab cakes. New if that isn’t rock and roll I don’t know what is. That’s what I love about this band, they rake things to the next level and make them fit their lifestyle. Think about a band rocking a song about cooking with a recipe. Fantastic! You can check it out below.

#BookOfBadDecisions #Clutch #HotBottomFeeder

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