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Corners Of Sanctuary- Finding Sanctuary

Corners Of Sanctuary Finding Sanctuary

 Track List                                                                   Band Members 1- Now We Must Live                                                          Frankie Cross- Vocals 2- Angels Only Dare                                                           Mick Michaels- Guitar/Keyboards 3- Ready For Battle                                                                James Pera – Bass 4- Hell And Back                                                                              Mad T- Drums 5- Lost In A Dream 6- Eight-Sixed 7- Wild Card                                                                                     Produced By 8- Unsung Hero                                                                                Bill Metoyer 9- Tonight We Roll 10- Finding Sanctuary                                                                      Official Site 11- Blood Quest                                               

Corners Of Sanctuary has done something unique here where they have made an album that is only available at their live shows. You can almost say that it’s a brilliant idea and a good way to remember the experience. “Finding Sanctuary” is an updated version of some classic tracks that are now done with the current lineup.

If you’re a new fan or just want to get to know the band, this is a great way to start. To begin with you get four songs with a true rebirth, Finding Sanctuary, Ready For Battle, Unsung Hero and Eight-Sixed. By rebirth, I mean they were updated with some new lyrics and musical changes. I tip my hat to the band for making the decision to make these songs belong to the current lineup. Frankie Cross and Mad T were not on most of these tracks in their original form. It’s nice to see that they made it their own. You will see once you listen. I can tell you from experience that a lot of these fan favorites, especially live.

I have reviewed most of these tracks in the past, so I won’t rehash my thoughts again. I will say this is the closest I have seen from the band to do a Best Of or Greatest Hits type of collection, all updated with the way they are meant to sound with the current lineup.

Since you can only get this CD at their shows and most of them are played in their set, you should see them. It will be like a souvenir from a great event. Go to their website for shows near you and really do yourself a favor and get it.

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