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Corners Of Sanctuary Go Back To Their Roots With New Single “Calling A New Day”!

Corners Of Sanctuary has released a new single off their current EP “Blood And Steel: Volume One”. You can get a copy here. Calling A New Day is the new single from the EP. If you have been a long time fan as I have and especially of this lineup then you will love this one. The band brings back their classic metal sound.

You get the great riff and hard driving rhythm section. Frankie Cross vocals has a nice cadence to it and what I really like is there is a nice break where Mick Michaels plays the guitar solo. It is very melodic and plays nicely over Mad T’s drums and James Pera’s bass playing. That to me is the true highlight of the track. Very worth your time checking it out. The song is accompanied by a lyric video. You can check it out below.

#BloodAndSteelVolumeOne #CallingANewDay #CornersOfSanctuary

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