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Corners Of Sanctuary Release A Rockin’ Cover Def Leppard’s “Mirror, Mirror (Look I

Corners Of Sanctuary has released a stand alone single of the 1981 classic from Def Leppard’s “High N’ Dry” album, Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes). This is a first for the band as longs I have known them they have never done a cover tune. That aside, for a first time, it is a great version of the song. Consider it’s the band is a 4 piece band versus Def Leppard is a 5 piece. The song is longer than the original and I think a bit edgier.

The drums are more pronounced by Mad T and the guitar solo by Mick Michaels really pulls it all together. I enjoy the harmonies between Frankie Cross and James Pera. Overall, this tribute brings the 40 plus year old song into the modern age of the metal world. I like the direction the band has been going and though this track isn’t on any album the boys do have a special edition vinyl version of their “Blood And Steel: Fight To The End” album. You can get a copy here. The band has made a animated video. Check it all out below.

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