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Corners Of Sanctuary Release “Falling Through The Cracks”!

Corners Of Sanctuary have released a new single from their forthcoming EP “What We Leave Behind” due out sometime in September. The song Falling Through The Cracks is the second release from their future EP. It’s also the second single that features new singer Ryan Michael. The song stays to the roots of what Corners Of Sanctuary sound is but it’s expanded to a newer progressive metal approach. Musically, the song holds your attention and takes you for a metal ride. Michael holds his own as the new frontman for the band. The song makes you wanting more. The song is also shorter than most by the band than I recall, but that just means it’s jam packed with metal. The video is a lyric one and as the words display on the screen, it shows various scenes from nature to a church and some interesting graphics. You can interpret the lyrics with the visuals on your own. Check it out below.

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