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Corners Of Sanctuary Release New Anthemic Single “We Never”!

  Corners Of Sanctuary has a new album coming out on October 30th titled “Heroes Never Die”. You can pre-order it here. We Never is the first single from the record. This is drum and riff driven rocker. Mad T’s drums are something to take notice of. Mick Michaels guitar work is always a joy to hear and this is no different. I love the hard and fast tempo, especially the way new singer and frontman Stacey Lee delivers the songs message of “we never surrender” over James Pera’s backing vocals.

First time I heard something like that from the band. They always keep the music fresh and I love that about them. The song lyrically could be a great campaign song for anyone running for office. Of course if you’re going to get into a fight, this works too. The video is a lyric one that you can check out below.

#CornersOfSanctuary #HeroesNeverDie #WeNever

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