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Corners Of Sanctuary Release New Single “Fight (Brave is the Heart)”!

Corners Of Sanctuary has released a new single form their current album “Blood And Steel: Fight Till The End”. You can get a copy here. Fight (Brave is the Heart) is the latest single from the record. This one has more of a raw sound to it and it really gives it an edgier style. I really like the hard driving rhythm of the song, the cadence of it resonates with me. Frankie Cross as a moment in the song where the music stops and he just sings and I found that powerful for the track. This one will grow on you the more you play it. The video has the band highlighting war footage as well as saluting the hero’s of the past. You get the band performing mixed in with Cross prominently displayed throughout as he sings. Check it out below.

#BloodAndSteelFightTillTheEnd #CornersOfSanctuary #FightBraveistheHeart

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