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Corners Of Sanctuary Release New Single “We All Shall Fall”!

Corners Of Sanctuary has a new EP coming out on March 12th titled “Blood And Steel: Volume 1”. You can pre-order it here. We All Shall Fall is the new single from it. We have Frankie Cross back on lead vocals. This lineup always pleases me. Having Cross back is comfort food for the soul for me. This track sounds like the band went back to their roots. It’s edgy and raw, yet refreshing.

I love the way Mad T’s drums kick off the song and goes right in that hard driving riff from Mick Michaels. You get James Pera holding down the bottom with a heavy bass line and together with Cross back at the helm just makes this a stand out track. It’s a solid tune, fans won’t be disappointed with this one. There is no video, just a stream of the track over the awesome cover of the record. Check it out below.

#BloodAndSteelVolume1 #CornersOfSanctuary #WeAllShallFall

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