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Corners Of Sanctuary Release New Single WIth New Singer Treese Logan!

Corners Of Sanctuary are making available a free download of their new single Burn. The new track features their new singer Treese Logan. The band is getting ready to launch their west coast tour and I think they wanted to make Logan welcome and have the fans get to know her. This single does the trick. I thought it was a very cool idea for the band to bring her to the forefront that way. What better than with a new song that features her on vocals right? The new song has a very progressive vibe to it and you can almost feel the renewed energy from the band with their first female singer. The music is high caliber. On all fronts, Logan’s vocals and the music hit you right away. Mad T’s drums are especially cool, along with James Pera’s driving bass.  The extended guitar solo by Mick Michaels is a treat to hear. Some may think I’m biased, and that may be the case here, but you can’t deny a good song. I am excited to see what the band delivers with Logan on a new album. In the meantime we have Burn and you can download and play it here.

#Burn #CornersOfSanctuary

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