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Corners Of Sanctuary Release New Traditional Metal Sounding Single “Earth Fighter”!

Corners Of Sanctuary has released a new single from their current record “Blood and Steel: Volume Two”. You can order a copy here. The new single is Earth Fighter. The song seems like it should have been released in the late Eigthies but yet has the polished sound of today. I think what surprised me most about this song is the keyboards being highlighted in a major way. It’s not something they have done in the past. Yes, they have used them but this is different and have t say it’s done well. Another thing I enjoy is the breakdown where you hear James Pera’s bass stand out. The track is very melodic yet metal. I hope people get to hear this one on the airways. I think it has some commercial appeal to it and would catch on to the masses. The song is a tribute Mick Michaels and James Pera’s former band mate in Seeker, Frank Dorizio. The video mixes the band performing the song with wartime footage. You can check it all out below.

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