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Corners of Sanctuary Release Their Version Of The Osmonds "Crazy Horses"!

Corners of Sanctuary has released another single form their current digital EP "Taking Cover". You can get it on all your digital platforms. This time the band take on The Osmonds and their classic 1972 hit and title track Crazy Horses. First, I want say this is my favorite Osmonds song. It was heavy track back in the seventies. The single was ahead of it'smtime, they were talking about air pollution by cars and fossil fuels. Imagine that. It is poetic that it gets its a tribute today. All I can say is Corners of Sanctuary has made my day. The guys add.their flavor to it and it is delicious. See what I did there. All kidding aside, they took the song and made it metal. This is how you do a cover.

Mick Michaels guitar solo is eargasmic. I never heard him play a solo like that and it really makes the track go to the next level. Mad T's drums along with David St. John holding down that heavy bass line. Frankie Cross delivers an energetic vocal. This one will be an ear worm for you, because you can't play this song just once. I am hoping that this gets airplay, especially on the internet radio stations. The video shows glimpses of the theme of the lyrics. This is well done. You can check it all out below.

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