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Corners Of Sanctuary Releases New EP and Video Today!

New Wave of Traditional American Heavy Metal band CORNERS OF SANCTUARY (COS) announce the release of their latest EP, “Cut Your Losses” which is now available via Exquisite Noise Records, USA. You can purchase it here.

The four song release is a nostalgic collection from the group as it contains new versions of two previously released songs, “Wild Card” and “My Revenge”. “These songs appeared on our first album and never came across the way we wanted them to in the studio,” said Mick Michaels, COS guitarist, and founder. “We wanted the opportunity to do it right and this was that opportunity. Both have new arrangements as well as all new lyrics for My Revenge… these are the versions we wanted,” he continued.

The EP also includes two new tracks, the 80’s anthem laden “Tonight We Roll” and “Mind’s Eye”‘ a much darker-sounding change of pace for the band which was co-written by Michaels and bassist James Pera.”I have to admit, I don’t know how these guys can keep cranking out the quality tunes at such a furious pace! It’s pretty amazing,” stated Jason McGathey, Exquisite Noise Records President. “I love the machine gun sounding drums in My Revenge…and Wild Card is definitely a favorite,” he added.

I think, Tonight We Roll, is a fantastic song and one of the best things they have done. I can’t wait to see this one live. A definite crowd pleaser. The EP is a great way to know the band as they are now. A refreshing take on two classic COS songs and two new ones. Who could ask for more? Don’t believe me, buy it and let me know!

Check out the new video for Wild Card Below. Listen to the guitar solo! That alone is worth the purchase price.

The new music video was produced by A Creation Productions, for the single “Wild Card”, was released in conjunction with the EP. The video was filmed at the 3,400 acre Green Lane Park, the largest county park in northwestern Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the band’s home state. The primary footage was shot at the now closed Farms Bridge. The historic 133 foot structure, which overlooks Yellow Breeches Creek, was built in 1889 by the Phoenix Bridge Company and has become a centerpiece for Park hikers, fishermen and bird enthusiasts.

“Most of my memory of that day was trying to stay warm before, during and after takes… the wind was extremely frigid,” said lead singer Frankie Cross. “I did more than my share of complaining…,” he joked. “…but after seeing the final edit, it was well worth the hypothermia,” Cross added.

COS has a number of upcoming shows which include supporting Tim “Ripper” Owens of Judas Priest and Iced Earth fame, Thrash legends Blood Feast and the Italian Power Metal band Savior From Anger. Plus spots at the NEPA Metal Meltdown Fest in May and the Chicago Festival Of The Witch in July which will coincide with a short run of Midwest shows among others.“We are really grateful for all the support,” said drummer Mad T. “The new EP sounds great… the shows have been going well… at times I still can’t believe all this happening and I have had a chance to be part of it,” he further added.Corners of Sanctuary also plan to release a new full-length album, “The Galloping Hordes”, later this year and are currently in the studio recording. “Everything is written and all the music is recorded. We’re moving forward with vocals at this point,” said Pera. “There are going to be a few surprises with this album… COS is an ever-changing musical landscape,” he added.

Fans who would like to support Corners of Sanctuary and the production of the new album can do so by visiting the following site here.


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