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Corners Of Sanctuary Releases New Single “Casualties Of War”!

Corners Of Sanctuary will be releasing their new EP on August 6th “Blood And Steel: Volume Two”. There is no pre-order yet but you can watch for the release here. The lead single, Casualties Of War continues the darker tone from Volume One. The band proves they can deliver the old metal sound with a fresh take once again. The hard driving riffs and solid rhythm section give you a consistency you expect, from them. A rare commodity in todays bands. They know their niche and they bring it every time.

The video is a little different than expected. Yes, you get the military war footage, mixed in with the performance, but the setting is different. I have to admit that I like it. But the real highlight of the video is the spirited energy of frontman Frankie Cross. Seriously, I haven’t seen him conduct himself like that in a video. Kudos to all the passion he brings to this one. You can check it all out below.

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