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Corners Of Sanctuary Releases New Single Of Warrant's "Inside Out"!

Corners Of Sanctuary has a new EP out now titled "Taking Cover". You can get a copy here. The band is on a new label Sodeh Records. The new single is their take on Warrant's song Inside Out. The song also features new bassist David St. John. Not often you get say three new things about a band right away, that type of trifecta can only mean good things, and they do. The group modernizes the classic thrash track from Warrant. The song is a bit of departure from the band's usual sound and it's refreshing to hear. Frankie Cross really shows his vocal prowess and range. Mick Michaels adds a more e melodic guitar solo. Mad T. along with St. John drive the rhythm to give the timing that thrash element. The boys metaled it up a bit as well. Check it out below.

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