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Corners Of Sanctuary Stream New Single, Mind’s Eye!

My friends and saviors of metal have released a new song from their current EP, “Cut Your Losses”. The new single is called Mind’s Eye. I like they way they mixed it up on this one, the eerie sounds in the song and the hard driving beat, then when they slow it down, almost Black Sabbath Like. I usually talk about Mick Michaels guitar work or Frankie Cross’s vocals, (and they are strong here as well),  but I want you to pay attention this time on the rhythm section of James Pera’s bass and Mad T’s drums. I think they truly stand out on this one. I may be biased on this, but this is another good track from Corners Of Sanctuary. Give it a listen below and you know, turn it up!

#CornersOfSanctuary #CutYourLosses #MindsEYe

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