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Corners Of Sanctuary- The Galloping Hordes

Corners Of Sanctuary The Galloping Hordes

                         Tracklist                                                                                Band

1- The Galloping Hordes                                                        Frankie Cross- Vocals 2- Encage                                                                                 Mick Michaels- Guitars 3- If You Dare                                                                              James Pera- Bass 4- Soldier’s Last                                                                                  Mad T.- Drums 5- Hail, Hail 6- Bitter End                                                                                       Produced By: 7- Cloak Of Fear                                                                                 Mick Michaels 8- Vengeance Of The Warrior 9- Lies In Your Eyes                                                                             Official Site: 10- My Revenge                                                         

The new album has 10 tracks on it. I was kind of surprised as they always go over 10 songs. But they did release an EP, “Cut Your Losses”, earlier this year, that may be a reason. In any event, you get 10 kick ass songs here. Nothing mellow about this record. Before I get into the music, did you check out the cover? If that’s not metal I don’t know what is. The cover was designed by A Creations. I think they did a great job reflecting the mood of the record. The album kicks off with the title track, Galloping Hordes. The song pulls you in right away, especially when you hear the change ups in the song and the chants. Sounds like a great opener for a live show. If You Dare is a great track that has a takes no prisoners approach to life. If you dare to take him on, be prepared because he isn’t your friend. The song could be a great single and video. I can picture many people using this as their fight song.

The band has some fun with Soldier’s Last (A Drunken Battle Hymn). A good drinking song. Just a fun song in general. Worthy of a mention as I haven’t seen anything like this from the band before. The Bitter End is my favorite and stand out song on the album. The song could be the sister of If You Dare as it has a similar theme in that it’s a don’t count me out, it’s not over til I say so. Attitude aside, the guitar work and the hard driving rhythm just makes you take notice. Cloak Of Fear is the group paying a nod to progressive metal. Again something I wasn’t expecting and it’s a pleasant surprise. The Lies In Your Eyes is just classic metal and a nice change of pace to the album. They end the record with My Revenge. A strong hard driving and in your face way to close it out.

In closing, I have been a fan Corners Of Sanctuary for some time now, I can say without a doubt this some of their best work. It shows, growth, maturity and confidence. Music is always solid, lyrically strong and a metal attitude. They took some chances on this one, like I stated a bit progressive, a little fun and a theme of don’t back down. I know this, if you like metal and want to hear a refreshing take on it, this is your band and album. You won’t be disappointed.

Songs to check out, Galloping Hordes, If You Dare, Bitter End and The Lies In Your Eyes.

You can get your digital version of the album here. The physical copy will be released later this year to coincide with their tour of Germany. Check out the title track below.

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