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Crobot Releases A New Single “Everyone Dies” Featuring Stix Zadinia!

Crobot has released a new single from their just released EP “Rat Child”. You can get a copy here. The latest single Everyone Dies features Steel Panther’s Stix Zadinia on the piano. The song is in a power ballad style. You get Brandon Yeagley singing over the playing of Stix Zadinia and as always it’s a pure joy to hear him sing. The song eventually picks up putting the power into the ballad. It’s very reminiscent to Paul McCartney And Wing’s Live And Let Die, to me. Dan Ryan’s drumming fits the song and really makes it move forward. The real hero here is Chris Bishop’s guitar solo. This should rank high on the list of great solo’s. It’s eargasmic to me. It really makes the song stand out.

The song lyrically is the tongue and cheek style they always bring to their music. The song is about removing the sadness of death if we all die together, in a dooms day scenario. I do love the line;

“Living in easy, if you die hard”

I just think it says a lot and gives you perspective. The video is brilliantly done considering everything they do is on a low budget and they seem to make the most of it. They are always put a video that is worth watching. I’ll be disappointed if this song doesn’t get airplay. It really should be on your playlist, it’s a great tune. Check it out below (You have to click on the video to watch it on YouTube).

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