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Crobot Returns With A Killer New Single “Better Timess”!

Crobot will be releasing a new album on June 3rd titled “Feel This”. You can pre-order a copy here. Ahead of the nw album we get the single is Better Times. Dan Ryan’s drums just pull you in and then the band kicks in and it’s a masterful. The harmonica is a nice added touch. Did I tell you how much I love harmonica? There are some musical changes that really take the track to the next level. Again, through the real hero here is Ryan’s drums. I do like  Brandon Yeagley’s vocal delivery here. It has a certain cadence about it that commands attention. Chris Bishop’s guitar playing and melodic shredding is eargasmic.

Every time this band put’s out music, it’s worthy of celebration. I suggest you check out their discography if you haven’t. You’ll thank me later. This band makes rock fun and give it a great energy. The video brings all that to life. You see them candid in the studio and playing. Definitely a group you want to hang out with. Did I mention you get harmonica in this song and as and added bonus they give you the lyrics. Check it out below.

#BetterTimes #Crobot #FeelThis

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