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Cruel Miracle Releases New Hard Driving Single “Revving”!

Cruel Miracle has released their lead single from their recently released album “Camaraderie”. Revving is an instrumental. Most know I’m not really into them but as of late some artists/bands have me second guessing myself about it. Cruel Miracle is one of them. This one has great riffs, hard driving drums and a great baseline. A recipe for a great tune. I know if I played this track while I was driving I would be speeding up and jamming out.

Halfway through you get a little bit of a vocal harmony, which for some reason fits this song well. I found I didn’t miss not having a singer which says something about the song. I’m sure you will be surprised how good an instrumental can be. The video shows the band members meeting up, getting together as it were, via motorcycle to take a ride during the pandemic. Check it out below.

#Camaraderie #CruelMiracle #Revving

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