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Dallas Rocks With Adakain!

I was checking out my friend Gerg Anidem’s radio show, Indie Scene Radio (you can find that here.).  When I heard his artist of the week. Who is that you might ask, Adakain! They hail from Dallas and the band proves that Texas isn’t just about Country music, but can rock as well.  From the opening chords of Hey Girl, to the last, I was hooked right away. I think you will be too. Another example of why rock isn’t dead. Gerg proves that every week on his show and you should tune in. You can learn more about the band here. When you watch the video, check out how the band interacts, I can only guess at how cool that would be at a live performance. I hope I can catch them someday. The song is from their album “Never Coming Home”, out now. Check out the single below.

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