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Dallas, Texas Gives Us Messer, Check Out Their Latest Single “Make This Life”!

Messer is from Dallas, Texas. I just came across this band and am glad I did. They have their self-titled debut album coming out on April 20th. You can pre-order it here. They have a recent single out called Make This Life. The song takes a stand and is very anthemic. The song is hard driving and has an angry tone as it should. The video does a good job demonstrating it as well. The lyrics go well with the music. Check out this verse:

“We don’t care what you wanna say to us You can say we’ve had enough And we’re feeling dangerous yeah It’s our right And our time Make this life worth fighting for”

No matter your point of view, those lyrics speak to you. It can easily be your mantra today. The song is very timely. You can learn more about the band here.. Check out the video for Make This Life below.

#MakeThisLife #Messer

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