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Danny De La Rosa Releases “Third Wheel Man”!

Danny De La Rosa (Babylon A.D.) has released his second single from his soon to be released solo album “12 Weekends”. It’s due out February 28, 2020. You can’t pre-order it yet but you can get his latest single here. The new single is Third Wheel Man. According to De La Rosa’s label says the following;

“This song is a tongue in cheek story of a girl who wants to bring other girls into the relationship and gets mad because her boyfriend likes it too much, but he’s happily having a hard time keeping up”

Now talking about a fantasy coming to life, this song makes it much more real. The initial idea of a threesome is obviously great especially if your partner has the idea. The reality is once you do and you enjoy it the partner gets angry, also from a male perspective as much as you would like to believe you’re great in this arena, the hard truth is you may not perform to the expectations. I love that De La Rosa wrote about it in a fun way, a great subject for a rock song.

The guitar riff is hard driving yet melodic. But the highlight is De La Rosa’s guitar solo. I really like how it starts off and builds to a melodic shred. The chorus is real catchy as well. The sing is a grower. You’ll want play it again and often. If you’re looking for a new and fresh take on rock this song is for you. Looking forward to the album. The video is a lyric one and has a background of beautiful women go along with story of the song. Check it out below.

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