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Daughtry – Break That Spell


Break That Spell

Track List                                                          Band Members

  1. 1-  Renegade                                          Chris Daughtry-  Vocals, Guitar

  2. 2-  Crawling Back To You                             Josh Steely-  Lead Guitar

  3. 3-  Outta My Head                                 Brian Craddock-  Rhythm Guitar

  4. 4-  Start Of Something Good                          Josh Paul-  Bass

  5. 5-  Crazy                                                       Robin Diaz-  Drums

  6. 6-  Break That Spell

  7. 7-  We’re Not Gonna Fall                           Produced By:     Howard Benson

  8. 8-  Gone Too Soon

  9. 9-  Losing My Mind                                              Official Site      

  10. 10- Rescue Me                                    

  11. 11- Louder Than Ever

  12. 12- Spaceship                                                Label     19/RCA

This is Daughtry’s third album and he has continued to work with Howard Benson as the producer. Why mess with a good thing, right? I think Daughtry is trying to spread his wings on this record. Overall tone is a positive one and he still maintains his balance between pop rock and something with a hard rock edge.  But if fans were looking for something heavier and grittier than that they will be somewhat disappointed. The opening track, Renegade, hits the mark as far as the hard stuff goes for the band.  I will say that even though they get compared to bands like Nickelback and Bon Jovi, I think he does better at it lyrically. For instance he rarely mentions sex, aspects of sex like the others do. Lyrically Daughtry leans more towards real life themes like Gone Too Soon, about a lost baby. Pretty deep topic for anyone to cover, especially if it’s something he really went through, if not he sure makes you believe that he did.

Daughtry still deliver some of their power ballads like Start Of Something New, my fave anyway. He also leans a little towards the countryside with Rescue Me.  The best track on the record for me by far is Crawling Back To You. It rocks and is one of the band’s best. I do believe Chris tried to expand vocally throughout the record, maybe trying to show more of his range. I think he succeeded. The true Daughtry fans will like this one and I personally think it’s the best effort by the band so far.

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